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5 Keys to Living a Better Life

T​here are uncountable ways to live a better life. It's not a "one size fits all," when it comes to wanting to be on the greener side. But these five key points are something that will fit with every scenario, circumstance, and part of lifestyle, whether being, physical, emotional, spiritual, or logical. Of course, before you even dive in, you have to mentally prepare yourself to envision what currently seems impossible.

1. Focus on social-emotional well-being - Responding to emotional cues builds trust. Trust adds quality to social relationships. Social-emotional development is one of the most crucial building-blocks that sets foundation for the rest of one’s life. As adults, having a strong social-emotional foundation can help you stay centered and grounded during challenging and stressful situations and make better decisions.

2. Share - By sharing what you have, whether a thought, laughter, idea, knowledge, or time, you spread more goodness. You become a role model through leading by example. The chain effect essentially makes your immediate surroundings a healthier place, and ultimately makes the world a better place.

3. Believe - Having faith and belief makes you a more optimistic individual. When you have the ability to stay optimistic, you tend to see the good in any situation. And when you have the ability to think good, good is what comes back to you. Believing empowers you from within, by giving you more courage and by strengthening mental stamina.

4. Choose joy - Easier said than done, you say! How can you possibly choose joy when your whole world is falling apart? Yet, it's quite possible. If you follow through with the above steps, you will notice that joy comes to you naturally. Then all you have to do is encourage yourself to take actions based on what makes you feel happy, rather than what you think is right. Anything that brings out the joy from within naturally stimulates your mind, thus giving it the ability to absorb more. When you’re genuinely happy, you tend to make better choices.

5. Remain consistent - Nothing makes you, you, unless you practice your actions with consistency. Being consistent makes you a disciplined individual. And being disciplined is beneficial to one's overall health. When you are consistent, you learn to make it a natural habit rather than trying to fit something in life. And when something becomes a habit, it doesn't need effort. It's a beautiful cycle!

One common and most conclusive practice that goes along with all these key points is showing gratitude. Being thankful for all that you have and reminding yourself of that fact ties along with your social-emotional well-being, the act of sharing, having belief, living joyfully, and practicing it consistently. Once you start to feel the changes within you, the world around you will begin to transform, and you will feel proud of yourself for focusing on you. So, keep those keys in a safe place close to you, because one day it'll be time to hand those to someone else that needs them more.

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