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Book Launch Event Report

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Rakhi Shastri’s “Loud Echo of Silent Perseverance” Shows Participants at 2022 Book Exhibitions the Authentic Side of Human Nature. Rakhi Shastri’s enlightening novel exceeds expectations with fantastic book displays. 

Rakhi Shastri’s novel Loud Echo of Silent Perseverance joined the book displays sponsored by self-publishing company ReadersMagnet at the Book Confab and the New York Library

Association (NYLA) 2022 Annual Conference & Trade Show. The ReadersMagnet Book Confab, an initiative of ReadersMagnet, held last October 28-30, 2022, in Tribeca, was organized to provide authors a venue to share their stories and interact with their readers. The NYLA 2022, held last November 3-4, 2022, at the Saratoga Springs City Center, New York, was aimed to foster the advancement of New York’s library community. The two events were successful, drawing a large turnout from the library community, the academic sector, writers, readers, and the general public. Rakhi Shastri’s Loud Echo of Silent Perseverance top billed alongside other notable books showcased during the two events’ book exhibitions programs.  

Loud Echo of Silent Perseverance follows the story of a successful and sophisticated young

woman, Raylene. Raylene was overwhelmed with her “overthinking” and is in pursuit of finding her inner peace to connect with the one man she finds appealing after years of failed

relationships. Raylene must look back to her past to claim peace and contentment and see

what is missing. She needs to discover the connection between the innocent girl back then and the mature, successful woman she is now. More importantly, she needs to use positive thinking to overcome her fears and see what she has missed.

A story of inspiration and empowerment, Loud Echo of Silent Perseverance will take readers

along the ride toward discovering the authenticity of being a human. 

Get ready to be motivated. Grab a copy now of Rakhi Shastri’s Loud Echo of Silent

Perseverance on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at Outskirts Press.

Quote | “A hidden gem! Such an intriguing and soul satisfying journey of Raylene. A must read!” MilesDar (Amazon Customer Review)

Loud Echo of Silent Perseverance

Author | Rakhi Shastri

Published date | January 12, 2020

Publisher | Outskirts Press, Inc.

Book Genre | Fiction | Women Contemporary

Author Bio

Rakhi Shastri is a poet and a book author. She is a former business owner with a background in Education and Psychology and a proud single mom. She dedicated her research to mental

development and the Law of Attraction and passionately wrote and published Loud Echo of

Silent Perseverance.


1. Amazon and Barnes & Noble





c. This book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

2. Outskirts Press


b. Readers can also purchase this book on Outskirts Press website.

3. 2022 ReadersMagnet’s Book Confab, NYLA 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show




c. These book display events were made possible by ReadersMagnet.


1. ReadersMagnet

2. Rakhi Shastri

3. Loud Echo of Silent Perseverance

4. Fiction | Women Contemporary

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6. Book Confab

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