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The Enemy of Power, Success and Love

Live, love, laugh... Easier said than done, huh! Ever wonder why, after doing your best, putting your heart in, and taking all the right steps, you just don't get what you wanted? Why does it always feel like, something's missing; something is always out of reach? That house, that love partner, respect and understanding of the spouse, that promotion, more money, success, the perfect weight, the freedom, you name it. There is nothing wrong with wanting what you don't currently have, rather, it's a motivation that keeps us going forward. How boring would life be if we didn't want anything and simply settled for less than what we believe we deserved. Wanting something more reveals the passion within. Now, that's the word that get us excited. And being excited is a wonderful feeling! So, let's go and get anything and everything that currently seems out of reach. But HOW?

The answer to your questions is right within your subconscious mind. The power resides within. But first, you must face and fight the enemies within. Let's meet some of the enemies of your subconscious mind:

  1. Stress

  2. Fear

  3. Insecurity

  4. Doubts

  5. Worry

  6. Anxiety

Now, you might say, well yes, I have stress, but I certainly am not afraid of anything. And no way do I have any insecurity, right? Wrong! You see, the world around us, the life we live today and the path where we're headed, all begins with, how we create it in the very core of our mind first. What lies in our subconscious mind is often not very well known to our conscious mind. To understand this, one must understand how Law of Attraction works. But that is a complex subject and to simplify it, it must be broken down and perceived from a practical point of view. Before we get to that, we must first take a few housekeeping steps prior to finding the solutions and applying practicality.

1. Acknowledge

Acknowledgement will lead to Self-Awareness. However, having self-awareness is one of the biggest challenges most human beings encounter as they are trying to gain the things they want. The very first step to changing or gaining anything in life is acknowledging the lack of it. It's harder to do than one would think. Make a list of all things you want and assess why you want it. Evaluate how your desires connect with your personality. Then begin to describe yourself as an individual - have clear awareness of your strength, weaknesses, goals and feelings. You will soon learn to embrace every aspect of yourself, even the weaknesses and uncomfortable feelings.

2. Accept

Acceptance is equal to happy! You accept your strengths - which builds your confidence; you accept your weaknesses - you learn to forgive yourself and find ways to work on them; you accept your goals - it motivates you to take action; you accept your feelings - you learn to let go of what is not needed and build upon what feels good. Once you've accepted your wholesome self, you begin to accept your life for what it is, and you learn to make peace with it. Okay, so I accept that my life is a piece of dump; how in the world will that make me happy? It's hard, very hard, to feel happy when you don't have what you presently desire, worse yet, if you've lost something good that you had before. But recognizing and accepting allows you see a spark of good in every situation. And that gives rise to Hope!

3. Problem-Solve

Now that you've given rise to hope, your brain begins to connect the sparks and build an ability to problem solve.

  1. Meditating and/or listening to high vibrational music helps relax your mind. Music with certain frequencies helps one feel centered and elevates mental balance.

  2. Once the mind is completely relaxed, your subconscious mind opens up the natural ability within you to attain skills and think clearly.

  3. When you think clearly you begin to automatically focus on anything that is positive.

  4. Positivity attracts to the like energies of the universe.

  5. You begin to experience positive circumstances around you.

  6. Thus begins the cycle of positive energy, where positive thoughts are processed, resulting in positive actions, and desired fruit coming back into your life.

4. Apply the 3-Ps and Believe

The process is simple, but it requires A LOT of practice, patience and perseverance. Above all, it requires BELIEF. Look around you - everything you have today is because you once believed that you can have it, or else you wouldn't have taken the necessary steps to achieve it. Believing in yourself is the most crucial step above all. There is no bigger force than belief. Once the human mind has been submerged in belief and is determined to maintain his or her belief, there is no obstacle that can keep him or her in achieving what is desired. Sure, it may take time and practice, but belief is what allows us to remain patient and continue to persevere. Through perseverance, we're able to see our desired future so clearly that we begin to live in the moment feeling as if we already have what we want. When our belief is this strong and we feel good, we are more inclined to attracting all positive aspects that will bring us closer to achieving our goal.

5. Show Gratitude

Usually, showing gratitude and being thankful for what we already have is seen as the first step. However, in order to have that genuine presence of gratitude in our mind we must cleanse our mind of negativity by taking the above-mentioned steps. Once the mind has been detoxified from negative energy, showing gratitude comes naturally, which allows us to feel happy naturally. When we feel thankful for what we have, the abundance keeps multiplying over the years.

6. Repeat

Last but not the very least, we must continuously repeat this practice, over and over, until it becomes a second nature. And after all the mental work, when we finally see the practical result, it seems a bit easier to do so the next time. Followed by thankfulness and internal happiness, which allows us to see even greater things around us. Overall, it reflects in feeling positive and strengthening our belief in ourselves and in those around us. And having a strong belief builds a can-do attitude. The repeating of the pattern becomes a cycle that keeps on moving forward at a constant speed. And thus, with any obstacle, big or small, it feels as if a bump on the road that we can pedal over with ease.

As a conclusion, fear, insecurity, doubts, worry, stress and anxiety are the roadblocks to connecting with the positive energy. Accepting the root cause and facing the enemies that lie within our subconscious, then applying the strategy behind the Law of Attraction to detox and build on positivity, allows one to come to a level of optimism where only good can be seen in any situation. Because the key to gaining anything we want in life is to constantly think about it while feeling happy. Once it's absorbed to the core, the world seems to work in a perfect harmony!

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